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During the weekend of August 4th-6th, members of the Seacoast community are embarking on a 48-hour Digital Fast.

Are you up for the challenge?

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That means no phones, no tablets, no computers, no Internet, no TV for an entire weekend.

Scary, right?


Maybe even a little exciting, too? Well, we are hereby challenging YOU anyone reading this – to join us.

It’s easy. On Friday, August 4th at 6:30pm, you take all of your digital devices, turn them off, put them in a drawer and walk away. Spend a weekend free from the alerts and pings of the 24-hour news/entertainment/social media cycle. Make people wonder what you’ve been up to. Enjoy quietly reflecting on something instead of instantly sharing your opinions with the world. Do one thing at a time. Give your eyes and thumbs a rest. Look up instead of down.

Then, at 6:30pm on Sunday, August 6th, go back to the drawer and resume your relationship with the digital world. Or, who knows? Maybe you’ll decide you’re in no rush to get back to it.

For more information on the Seacoast Digital Fast, check out our Facebook page. (Yes, we are using social media to promote a break from social media.) Find out how others are preparing for life “off the grid,” see what Digital Fast-related events are going on that weekend, and share your thoughts, concerns and expectations with us (even if it’s to tell us that we’re crazy and that there’s no way you’re doing this).

The Talk That Started It All
It wasn’t easy, but Professor Jeff Stern and his students went on a 48-hour “Digital Fast” in which they shut down all their devices and experienced a very different kind of REALITY for a weekend. Jeff discussed the experience at CreativeMornings PKX in May.
So, Who’s In?
Curious what other brave souls are forgoing their devices for the weekend and boldly experiencing the world screen-free? Here’s a handy list of committed Digital Fasters. If you see them around, you can “like” them the old-fashioned way.
Sara Lehmer
Jeff Deck
Pete McElroy
Shir Haberman
Michael Sterling
Joshua CYr
Nicole Jacobs
Deb Kane
Margie Wachtel
heather franas
Dan Konig
Daniel Mairno
Constance Perri
Noelle Grattan
Bill Christo
Katinka de Ruiter
Laura Brown
Nate Hastings
Christopher Ouellette
Michael Bohne
Meagan Facella
Jean Frances
Molly McPherson
Becky Gosky
Karine Dhanger
Erika Beer
Anna Goldsmith
Laura Horwood-Benton
Amy Sterndale
Brian Murphy
Jim Schliestett
JL Stevens
Peter Jude Ricciardi
Benjamin Bradbury-Koster
Samantha Granville
Lori Richardson
Monte Bohanan
Tristan Law
Jeff Stern
Crystal Paradis
Mike Teixeira
Marie Carey

Kickoff Party at Block 6

Friday, Aug. 4th, 5:00-7:00pm

Get together with other digital fasters and
find out how they’re spending their weekend

After the opening party you fast.

Sign Up, Get A Button, Receive Perks
Once you decide to venture into the world without your devices we want to make sure you have plenty incentive to try different non-digital activities. So, we’ll send you this button that you can wear during the weekend and receive perks like:
  • Yoga East – Will hold free sessions on Sat/Sun
  • Liars Bench – will offer discounted drinks all day on Saturday. They will also be providing a screen-free beer garden with a cornhole  tournament.
  • Gus & Ruby – will offer 15% off letter and card-writing items
Seacoast Digital Fast related events
  • July 11 – Let’s Talk About…The Screen Time Dilemma @ The Music Hall Loft
  • July & August – The Portsmouth Public Library will have a featured display of books on screen-related issues.
  • FRI, August 4 –  Block 6 Kickoff Party. 5-7pm.
  • SAT, August 5 – Screen-free beer garden and cornhole tournament at Liars Bench
  • MON, August 7 – Post-fast community discussion at the Portsmouth Public Library. Jeff Stern to moderate. 7pm
Featured Fast Spots
There are many places to go in the seacoast during your fast, some (like Block Six & 3S) have formal SDF activities, some (like Prescott Park & Water Country) are just great places to have unplugged fun…here’s a list of ideas. Check back here and we’ll try to add new ideas.

Got an idea or an event and want to partner with us? Drop us a line.